12 June 2012

First few pictures...

...with my BRAND SPANKING NEW camera! :)

Still figuring out all the new settings and getting used to the feel of it etc, but I am so so happy with it and feel very lucky indeed. It's pretty chunky and weighty..... and just so so lovely.

Fortunately for me, I live with some pretty gorgeous little models. ;)
{Weirdly I dressed both Anouk & I in stripes and denim today, I seem to end up in matching outfits with my kids a lot! Anyone else?}

Anyway, I have a lot more confidence to get out there and find some more work with this lovely camera on my arm. In fact, I have some lined up for this weekend, so its arrival was good timing.

Hope you're all having a good week and not too put out by the miserable weather here in the UK. Hopefully it'll pick up again soon!

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