14 May 2012

Here's a more personal look into my life through the marvellous instagram. It's great for capturing those little moments with my girls that would otherwise most likely be missed whilst I run to find my camera....

It's kind of hard not to want to photograph them all the time, they're too cute!

We celebrated Jemimah's 4th birthday last week. She was super excited and it was fun for me to see her  lapping up the joy of it all now that she understands what's going on. (Some of the decor from the party is pictured in the second image... all handmade obviously! ;)

She's a gorgeous, funny little girl full of character and loves her little sister.
We love her to pieces!

(Oh, and check out the cake...)


  1. Lovely photos and great cake well done!

  2. Such sweet photos and that is a gorgeous cake. x



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