12 April 2012

New Website!

My new photography website is online and has all the information regarding my portrait and fine art work.

So it's goodbye to apalipost.com as we know it.... the blog will retain the name apali post and if you look on the side panel on the right, in the 'about me' section you will get the idea of what vein my blog will continue in.

I think it just makes things a bit clearer to people now I'm back in the UK, to separate my photography work from the rest of the bits and bobs I do. There's the work bit and then there's play.... which may eventually become work too - but that's a bit further down the road I imagine.

I hope that all makes sense!

There's also a facebook page you can 'like'... otherwise continue to follow this blog for updates and info. :)

1 comment:

  1. Wow - you take some gorgeous pictures and what a beautiful blog.


    Nina x



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