24 February 2012

Found me some treasure!

It was always something I was looking forward to doing once back in the UK, but I didn't realise how good it could be..... whether flea markets, charity shops or ebay I am loving having a good root about and discovering little treasures and bargains here and there. The things people throw away! 

I should add.... that I've yet to purchase anything above £2! Oooh, makes me feel so giddy and smug. :)

Here's a sneaky peek: some gorgeous little vintage dresses I picked up at a flea market last week for my girls (50p each!!).

I am making some changes to apali post as we know it. The blog will remain as it is... a place to share my work, life & inspiration. But the website and "shop" will be changing over the next couple of weeks/months. The main adjustment being that my photography work will come under the banner 'Carolyn Carter Photography'. 
I'll keep you posted as and when the changes take place!

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