1 November 2011

A girly post...

It was all about finding the prettiest party look this weekend... ready to celebrate at Dad's 60th birthday bash.

We had fun dressing up and helping each other with the finishing touches...

Inspiration came from Pinterest and our favourite magazines...
However, Mum went all out and got a professional to do her hair and nails, (we won't take it personally!).

Note: the gold sequins in my hair are from a local habidashery and cost about 25p!

And finally, there was plenty of yummy leftover cake from the party, enjoyed by all for breakfast this morning...


  1. Beautiful, all of you girls heehee anouk made me smile - straight in that cake hehe
    Nice pictures ! X elisa

  2. Cute girly 'dos'! lol.

    Omg and that last pic is priceless. I love messy babies.

    xo, mrs. stone



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