16 November 2011

'DIY Cake stand' by Lynn Webb

My very creative Mum has something to share with you.... My sisters and I have a lot to be grateful for having a Mum like her. She definitely set the tone for all things creative and 'out there' in our lives.
She says...

" I could spend my life, that is my thinking / creative life !! scrolling down through all the wonderful things in the world of Pinterest and yet doing nothing.
This would end up being pointless and VERY unfulfilling soooo - I decided that something could be achieved...

David and I set out to the builders yard looking for a chunk of wood, the lady there was very gracious and gave it for free. We then had to search for another wood yard where it could be cut into the desired shape. The men there said their lathe was too small and we should go to the yard by the railway station. So we duly set out for this yard only to find nobody spoke English, but they were all eager to help!

Many hands made light work!! Some searching for interpreters, some were the audience, some searching for better wood than their colleagues. 

In the end our first chunk of wood was NO good and the superlative piece was cut and sized to perfection!!!

The theatrical matinee' was a great memory for us and rewarded with beers for the cast who were thrilled!

After many layers of varnish, this is my first idea - conceived / nurtured and brought to birth, just in time for David's birthday party, upon which his choice of birthday cake sat.

I am happy with the result , if not only because I DID something instead of just dreaming of doing it. 
Hope you liked the finished product...

P.S. How could I neglect to give credit also to David Carter who joined the top to the bottom so professionally - many thanks! "

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