6 November 2011

Albania trip - Kruje Market

My Mum, sister and I were treated to a girls day out on Friday. We visited a beautiful old town called Kruje, situated high up in the mountains about an hours drive from Shkodera.

The market there is famous for it's antiques, memorabilia and traditional Albanian souvenirs.
I thought you'd like a visual...

In need of some respite and to satisfy our grumbling tummys...we stopped for a bite to eat in one of the local, traditional taverns.

We then spent some more time browsing, and at the end of the day came away with a few of our own treasures.

A pepper grinder...

...an antique sweet dish

... an old cigerette tin (this is after it's been polished up)

...amber earrings

And some handmade treats for the kiddies...

It was very sad to leave so many other lovely things behind, but we were very satisfied with our finds. 
A day well spent indeed. :)

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  1. came from Finding My Way, what a lovely market, very atmospheric.



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