30 October 2011

Bits + Pieces

In an attempt to personalize this blog a bit more and include some more aspects of my life, I thought I'd post a selection of images taken since arriving in Albania to visit my family and celebrate my Dad's 60th this Monday.

Just a little taster of the goings-on around here...

1. Hours spent swinging together.
2. Lots of good filtered coffee being drunk.
3. A growing appetite.
4. A work in progress.
5. Daddy and his littlest girl.
6. Autumn is all about eating SOUP
7. ...with crusty fresh bread.
8. She's a Mummy's girl this one!

P.s. Just to keep you posted: my 2012 Calendars are at the printers and I'm eager to get them back and available for you to view online and place your order. I'm really pleased with the final look, this year they're ring-bound too and have a pretty front cover. 

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