15 September 2011

It's that time of year again....

My knitting needles are out and I am lovingly knitting my darling daughter ANOTHER scarf.
But wait! This time - clever old me - i'm following a pattern! (A rather simple one, I might add - but still, that's progress!)

It's got all the signs of a beginner (i.e. very wonky), but obviously that adds to the character and I hope she will cherish it for the rest of her life!! ;) Here she is sporting a knitted head warmer I made her last winter:

Next upon the to do list: crocheting! And not just your standard simple scarf either ...I have my sights set on making a blanket! Who knows, if all goes to plan, it will end up looking something like this:

P.S. I am finding 'pinterest' a brilliant resource for finding new creative ideas.

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