1 August 2011

Holidays with 'insta.gram'

Our family has just returned from a fun-filled holiday on the stunning Greecian coast with my sister and her family.

We stayed at my parents cottage in the mountains for the first week (same village as this place) and the other half camping on the beach! Lots of good fun and plenty of happy memories to come home with.

I decided against taking my camera camping for obvious reasons - namely dust & sand! It was also nice to have a little break - but I did manage to capture a few things on my phone, using the wonderful insta.gram (a new mini obsession!)...

I also shot my first Greek wedding! It went pretty well and once I've had a chance to edit the final images I'll post some on here.

I've had a mini blog make-over, in case you hadn't notice and plan to do the same on my website before the autumn - so watch this space. 

Hope you're all having a lovely summer. x

1 comment:

  1. Looks like a beautiful holiday. I love instagram! I never bother actually using it though - I just let Scott and KJ and then steal all their pictures...



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