22 February 2011

A splash of colour!

In an attempt to be more colourful in 2011 (a mild new years resolution I decided in my head!)... I reached for the mustard wool, as opposed to my usual neutral palette, then blew my skills away by teaching myself how to knit in a few (wonky) button holes! 

Here are some other bits I discovered that fueled the fire to colour me beautiful!

{via Oh Joy! blog}

{photo source}

{via 'Design*Sponge' blog}


  1. Love that last picture, the colours work great together!

    Well done on your knitting skills - I am completely useless myself!! How is pregnancy going - not many weeks left now!

  2. Love it. I've been thinking about knitting some of these for my kids - scarves are just trailing sadly and not doing their neck-warming jobs! Do you follow patterns, or do you just freestyle it?

    I love your blog Carolyn. x

  3. Thanks for commenting girls. :) It's really nice to get your feedback.

    I don't follow patterns - they look too complicated, but would like to learn. so far it's all been 'freestyling', made a few mistakes but seem to be getting better with more practice.

    I guess if you think it was second nature to so many women for years, it's sad that a lot of our generation don't have a clue. Plus scarves don't require much brain effort, so you can relax AND be productive at the same time. ;)




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