18 January 2011

Woolly inspiration - part II

After this woolly inspiration.. i kept to my word and actually completed a little scarf for my little girl! I decided to start small....  and actually really enjoyed spending my evenings (and some quiet afternoons)  knitting away.

Jemimah is quite the little poser and we ended up having a modelling shoot at the park. (Check out the cute pompoms!)

It didn't stop there... I bought some beautiful, thick wool and just finished a neck cowl for myself. Once I've tied up its loose ends I will post a picture. 

Here it is a work in progress...

Mmmm, could this be a new line for 'apali post' I wonder? 
What thinks you?...

1 comment:

  1. Omg, your little girl is way too cute! Your scarf, too! xxx



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