15 November 2010

Wintery fashion & photography.

I was introduced to these stunning images via aimeeclaire

{click to enlarge}

...they're from Toast's winter catalogue.

I just love the contrast and crispness of these images. The models strawberry red hair and porcelain white skin looks perfect against the snowy backdrop... reminds me a bit of Nicole Kidman in 'Cold Mountain'. 

These photographs are getting me in the mood for that kind of frosty, cold winter - but it's far from that here! We took a bike ride over the weekend and people were out sunbathing and even swimming in the sea! It is an unusually warm November here, with some days in the early twenties. 

I can't decide whether to appreciate it or not. I've tried to pull out the odd woolly jumper, or hat & scarf but they usually end up stuffed in my bag or left in the car... and with all the gorgeous winter fashion out there I feel a bit like I'm missing out. But then... who complains about sunshine! I'm sure I'll be getting my share of the cold when we head back to the UK at Christmas.

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