4 October 2010

Woolly inspiration!

I have taken up knitting again! I say "again" because I've been knitting this scarf (I'm ashamed to say) for about 3 years! I get into it and then forget all about it... 

Anyway, the idea is that I will spend the coming cold, winter evenings curled up on the sofa knitting a blanket for my new baby. But before I buy the wool and commit myself I want to be sure I will actually finish the thing! So I'm going to complete (and practice on) my lovely stripey scarf... and then see if it's good enough to wear! Knitting is surprisingly therapeutic and quite relaxing even. Something you can do sat in front of the telly.  :)

I'd been thinking about getting back into knitting (and crochet... a forgotten skill I once had!) for some time. Then I got a spark of inspiration from this lovely etsy shop 'Kove Handmade'. 


I just love her wraps and neck warmers and think her choice of colours are gorgeous, especially for this time of year, they look so cosy and comfortable.


  1. Salut from France. Can't knit my way out of a soggy paper bag! so good luck with your projects. Am soon to move to Southern Bulgaria not far from the Greek border. How cold does it get where you are in the depths of winter? thought it was mildish like Spain? Nice photos on your blog, be back soon Linda...

  2. Thanks for stopping by Linda.. so you're moving to these parts? Well it does get cold and even snows - but it is generally a mild cold and doesn't last long. We do get some warm sunny days dotted here and there throughout the winter months. Nice blog by the way!

  3. I love that circular scarf with the stringy bits! Got to work out how to make one of those....I think I just decided what to do with some lilac wool I have kicking around!

  4. Yeah, I'd love to learn that stringy scarf one too! It's very cool.



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