16 September 2010

Baby talk!

We recently found out we're expecting another baby! Hooray! So excited. So my thoughts are turning to all things baby... (our oldest is still only 2 but it seems like such a long time ago since she was a baby, she's such a grown up little girl now!)

There's some lovely, inspirational blogs out there by some very yummy Mummys doing a great job!
Really enjoying reading this blog by a Mummy of 3 kids, (her youngest only a few weeks old). That little girl is one very stylish baby and has some very sweet toys!

This Mummy has an amazing story to tell about adopting an African baby boy - she chronicles her life as his Mummy as well as 4 beautiful girls.

Looking forward to photographing the little one when it finally pops out!

Here is some of my photography inspiration via Flickr!

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