16 June 2010

Parthenon Guesthouse

I wanted to post some photos of the hotel D & I got married in, it is just such a beautiful place and it inspires me every time I visit. 

This is Greek style at its best. Nothing too elaborate or over the top, but simple, natural and quite rustic. There's a clear byzantine feel to the decor and strong eastern influences which are obvious in particular in the tiles that cover the floors of the hotel. Hidden away in the mountains of Sithonia it really is a treasure to be discovered.

The owner has done an incredible job in restoring these old buildings and developing them into wonderful guest rooms to stay in. The rooms are furnished with incredible antiques he has found and either dusted off or restored. Breakfast is served in a courtyard under a large vine and the owner has even created a vegetable garden at the front of the hotel.

I've also posted a picture of us on our wedding day outside the hotel - a great setting for one if you are interested? 



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