8 June 2010

Cupcake Galore!

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Carolyn Carter [apali post]

My friend Carine makes the best cupcakes! She's quite the perfectionist when it comes to the detail, so they not only taste yummy, but they look amazing too! This weekend I was very happy to photograph some she had made for a local food festival.

This is her blog, 'Cupcake Galore' - in case you fancy keeping up to date with her creations, it really is worth a look.

I am also selling some of the photos as prints on my website.

Can't wait to taste ...I mean take some more pics! :)


  1. Brilliant photos Carolyn. You should sale your photos on istockphoto.com. A friend of mine does this. She just sales everyday photos of household objects and makes quite a bit.

    Look forward to seeing you Saturday. If you have a chance at the baptism could you take some photos of the boubounieres afterwards at the restaurant. I just want a cool photo for my blog and think you will be better at this than our photographer.Only if you get the chance.
    Lou x

  2. Thanks for the website - will check it out.

    Will happily do some photos for you on Saturday, also planning to take some of the cupcakes. Looking forward to it. See you then! x

  3. Thank you for making all the way over to take the photos, Carolyn! I think they came out very, very nice! How big are the prints you are selling? I think I need a couple of those in some nice frames in my living room ;)

    Thanks for the link to my blog as well, if you don't mind I will copy the photos to my blog and credit them to you and add your blog a facebook page as well!

    See you Saturday! xx

  4. You're very welcome! And sure you can copy the photos - I am planning on giving you a disk too.

    The prints are A4 size.
    See you soon.x

  5. This looks beautiful and delicious! Thanks for the link, I'll check it out. Have a great day!



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