17 May 2010

On display...

I am slowly gathering together a collection of artwork & photography each year from various different places as and when I get the chance to travel around. It kind of goes with the territory and by no means should you assume I am talking about fancy paintings and original pieces, I am a sucker for postcards! Only when I am really good have I been lucky enough to purchase an original (and even commission one as a wedding gift!).

I've always liked to see pictures hanging around homes, and I think it adds a lot of character to a wall and general feel of a room. Whether a large black & white photograph hung in a modern frame,  a colourful oil canvas propped up on the fireplace or a mishmash of vintage postcards and family photos all squashed into a pretty collage with mismatching frames. 

Here's some I picked out from the wonderful livingetc web galleries.... 

Please post your thoughts!

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