25 May 2010


Last night this youtube of 'the delicious Miss Dahl' inspired me to get in the kitchen more. Living abroad means I miss out good old BBC telly, so this was a lucky find. 
Sophie Dahl has had her fair share of criticism for this show, and okay she's not actually a chef so how she got her own cookery show beats me. In the end I think she's just like the rest of us domestic wannabes, that like to think we know what we're doing in the kitchen.... but really we're just playing and pretending and looking forward to the final and favourite bit of it all - EATING!

Here in Greece we have a such an amazing variety of local, fresh foods available I have no excuse, (well I do, because I need that beautiful kitchen she's in, in order to fulfill the fantasy! :)

In case you haven't seen her in action already, here's her delicious take on flapjack...

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