1 April 2010

No party is really complete without the perfect cupcakes...

This Easter I have decided to make cupcakes... Inspired & introduced by a friend of mine (who makes the best cupcakes I've ever tasted) I am using a recipe from this blog. The lavender ones have got to be the tastiest of the bunch, but to be on the safe side I'm choosing the 'papaya coconut' ones that I used for my little girls 1st birthday party last year... because oh my! they tasted good!

Etsy sent me a link to a shop, that makes the cutest little wrappers and baking accessories, which just seems to add to the fun of it all. You know cupcakes aren't only about how they taste but how pretty you can make them look. 
I'll try and post pictures of my attempt this weekend! Wish me luck...


  1. That is such a sweet and pretty cupcake! I love that wrapper.

  2. Thanks for commenting. It is a very pretty cupcake i agree. I saw your blog yesterday - it's great, I am all for encouraging people to get out on their bikes more. :)

  3. I looove cupcake wrappers like these and have every intention of getting some from the internet, I know it'll just add that extra touch to my cupcakes! I am obsessed - I know! :D



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