14 December 2009

La capitale française!

i have a long list of places i want to visit one day. one of which is no doubt on everyone’s wish-list... paris.

my interest in this city was sparked more recently by a number of things i happened to stumble across.  

firstly, the photographs below were published on ‘sunday suppers’ food blog after a recent trip to the city, to taste its delights. click the link to see more fantastic images of the city. you can really get a feel for it. 

i read another blog on ‘french style’ and there’s no denying the parisians know how to dress. apparently neutral colours, layering and a scarf are a good start! sounds good to me.

then i stumbled across a trailer for the movie ‘paris je t’aime’... another must see, if only for the visuals. i have no idea what the critics said about it. but view the trailer (via the link) if you’re intrigued like me. and let me know what you think...

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