1 September 2012

New season... new blog!

Due to many many changes in my life over the past year and a half... I have decided to say "farewell" to apali post and start a brand new photography blog called 'doves & flowers'. I hope you like the new name, it has to do with our girls!

I'd love it if you would continue to follow me over there and I hope to blog more regularly in the coming months as I have so many new photos to share and other bits and pieces too...


Carolyn x

17 August 2012

Owen & Miriam - Wedding photos

This lovely couple asked me to photograph their wedding... and it was truly an honour. It was such a beautiful wedding, set in the heart of the countryside. The whole day was relaxed and enjoyable... even for those of us working!

With its picturesque setting and beautiful bride... it made my job very easy. Here is a taster of some of the final, edited images.

I have another wedding to shoot tomorrow... looking forward to it! I'll post the results in a couple of weeks.

Also, I am changing my blog... will post details in a couple of days, but I hope you will continue to follow my posts over there!

29 July 2012

Old negatives.

These images were from a roll I just developed spanning over about 2 years... as you can see my little girl was a lot littler!

35mm film. What a charmer... still love the effect it gives over digital, if only it was as convenient.

27 July 2012

Some scenes from our English summer ...

We have spent the last month in our second home country... Greece! We had a wonderful time with my family, spent mostly in our mountain cottage... which is also by the incredible Halkidiki coast. I hope to post a couple of photos from that soon, so you get a visual... but with the weather here in Blighty being so lovely these part few days, I thought I'd start with a few from our English summer.


(Last 2 images courtesy of my husband!)

... and we still have August to go! Let's hope this beautiful weather sticks around hey!?


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